Our people


Jamie Moran

Concept developer & Strategist

I design and implement strategies to grow businesses that are ready to evolve.  

There is a new wave of business coming. 
Businesses driven by integrity.
Powered by vision. 
Enhanced by story. 
Thriving through responsibility. 

Many are already riding this new wave. I’m here to guide those that are ready to evolve.  

How I Work

Typically, I work hand in hand with the entrepreneur or leader of a company that has a for-profit model, but is in tune with creating something that benefits the world, either through positive social impact, environmental aid, or alternative energy products. 

The way I work is helping my client to see what their original vision for their business was, if they’re still in integrity with it, and where they want to take it. 9 times out of 10, we’ll find that there needs to be an adjustment to that vision, or the integrity of the entrepreneur to that vision. Things shift, people change. It’s normal. So I just help them get back on track. 

Once the vision of the company is in full alignment with the entrepreneur, the team and the marketplace, we create a plan to bring it to the next level. 

This may be a market growth strategy, or a shift in messaging, or a total brand overhaul. Once in a while a client will come to us to work on one business, and they then realize after going through the process that their passion was in some totally different field! So we help them transition into that new business and help them grow that. Passion is a fuel that rivals experience any day of the week, so they tend to see great results that way. 

What sets us apart is that we don’t just stop at the strategy. We ensure you have everything you need to take your business to where you know it can go. We’ll implement it, and it’s usually done over the course of a 6-month tenure, after the initial deep dive immersion session where we get all the fun creative messy stuff put together into one clean strategic plan. 

The result is a focused, driven business model with momentum, to achieve great things, provide customers with a strong brand presence and create massive income by being in total alignment with the leader. It’s a big win for everyone.  

Always on the lookout for forward-thinking startups who need a secret weapon on retainer. 



a 15-30 minute call just to say hi and feel each other out. 

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