As a photographer...

You may be more comfortable behind the lens than in front of it. 

You put all of your attention on your subject, and don't spend as much time growing and developing your business.

You know you are capable of something amazing,  and are looking for something other than the typical stock or wedding photography business.  You have put in the time  and developed your craft, and now you'd like to re-position yourself in your industry.  You'd love to establish a distinct and beautiful brand—to carve your own path. 

Give yourself permission to be seen. 


My name is Alannah Avelin and I am a portrait photographer and creative director. 

I am gathering a group of inspiring photographers to create their ideal business. 

If this is something you resonate with and are curious to find out more, click the button below and sign up. 

I have built a form to help identify the primary focus of this group. Take a moment and fill it out if you are inspired to do so.